Essential Moisturiser


Lipids | Barrier Repair | Moisturiser for Dry Skin | Soothes | SOS for Irritated Skin | Vegan


Why is it so good?

Your protective barrier on the surface of your skin can be damaged by the extremes of temperature especially if you are an outdoors type. The protective layer can get dehydrated, lose your skin’s own moisturisers and when this happens it can send skin to ‘inflammation city.’ When you apply Essential Moisture, skin is instantly soothed. Your own skin’s water content is locked inside. The protective barrier is then repaired and restored back to healthy!!! This is our favourite moisturiser for dry skin.

How does it work?

Natural lipids within Essential Moisture, work to strengthen delicate skin. Hydration within your skin is stabilized and skin starts to regain a youthful and healthy look. Essential moisture is the perfect moisturiser for dry skin as it also contains squalane which also helps to restructure the outer layer of skin ensuring moisture balance and protection against the elements.

How to use?

Apply 2-3 drops and gently massage onto face and neck. Use on entire face or just affected dry/sensitive skin areas.

Skin Hack

Rub a few drops of Essential Moisture between palms and run over hair for a shiny healthy gloss. This is your facial Essential Moisture and also your hair Essential Moisture.

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