Face & Body Refiner


Exfoliator | Smooths | Hydrates | Antioxidants|I Sensitive Skin | Anti Pollution


Why is it so good?

Face & Body Refiner combines a lovely strawberry scent with little worker jojoba beads that deeply cleanse and polish your skin. The texture of this exfoliator for sensitive skin is a lovely gel/cream like lotion and when massaged onto skin – if feels like a real treat. But like all Joanie Loves skincare, this refiner is packed with goodness such as strawberries, honey and jojoba. The right product for your healthy foodie as this is health food for the skin.

How does it work?

The combo of ingredients are amazing such as: Strawberry Seed oil which delivers vitamins A, C & E and are known powerful antioxidants which heal and repair skin cells protecting your skin from UV radiation and daily stressors such as pollution. Honey, which is a humectant, a fancy name for ‘attracting moisture from the air into your skin’ and also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apple amino acids which give a natural exfoliating and deep cleansing in a gentle way. Finally, jojoba seed oil which moisturises and nourishes skin. This is our favourite exfoliator for sensitive skin.

How to use?

Wet face and neck and apply a small amount by massaging over the skin in gentle, circular movements. Rinse well. If you use this as your cleanser, repeat and use with a clean soft face flannel rinsed out in lukewarm water. When double cleansing at bedtime, use before or after your other favourite JL cleanser.

Skin Hack

For a fantastic treat for the whole body – apply Face & Body Refiner onto your body onto dry skin, take time to massage in round circular movements. Pop into shower, rinse off thoroughly, pat skin dry and apply your favourite body lotion. Skin will look and feel just fabulous.

If you ❤️ this product them we recommend Revitalizing Cleanser.

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