Face & Eye Makeup Remover


Cleanser | Dissolves Make Up | Sensitive Skin & Eyes | Hydrating | Calming | Vegan


Why is it so good?

Natural makeup remover for sensitive skin is our nickname for this product as it contains Chamomile and Aloe. So anyone with sensitive skin can use this product to help treat their skin with calming, soothing and hydrating ingredients. Easy to use and removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Also known as a JL Precleanse, Face & Eye Make Up Remover will dissolve the make up, get rid of daily grime and bacteria – in effect preparing skin for your favourite JL cleanser.

How does it work?

Chamomile is anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and soothing. Aloe is a natural moisturiser and also an anti inflammatory ingredient. Glycerin – is a humectant drawing moisture from the air into the skin and finally Citric Acid balances the skin’s pH. So we have a mix of antioxidants, anti inflammatories and moisturisers all in an oil free formula – just perfect for all over the face and eyes. Calming and restoring your gorgeous skin. We love this makeup remover for sensitive skin!

How to use?

Dampen six cotton pads with cold water. Soak with Face & Eye Make Up Remover. Use one pad per eye, leaving four to cleanse the face and neck. If going out for the evening, do this step twice instead of usual cleanser.

Skin Hack

So you want to have gorgeous sparkling eyes, you have been invited out for the evening and you are a tired Bunny. Simply cleanse skin, apply Rejuvenating Mask and then apply cotton pads soaked in Face & Eye Make Up Remover. Lie back and dream for 20 minutes. Wake up, remove eye pads and face mask and voila…. eyes look refreshed and skin is glowing. If you ❤️  this product then we recommend Revitalizing Cleanser and Essential Moisture.

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