Future Skin 1oz


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Why is is so good?

Future Skin aka egf serum is JL’s best anti ageing serum, it contains growth factors that mimic the placenta. So you know that placenta feeds, repairs and renews the skin in babies and it’s all down to different growth factors. This JL serum mimics these growth factors having the same effect to nourish, repair and renew our skin beautifully. This serum is a lightweight gel formulation that absorbs quickly into skin.  If you are the one in your group who wants the latest and best skincare serum – this JL Future Skin serum is for you!

How does it work?

The combination of biomimetic (copying nature) growth factors peptides and neuropeptides slow down the thinning of ageing skin, stimulate collagen production, repair skin cells by nourishing and prevent further lines and wrinkles.  Hydration is improved by 83% immediately and lines & wrinkles reduced by 38% in 4 weeks.

How to use?

Apply a thin layer am and pm to clean skin.  Let it absorb thoroughly before applying JL moisturiser.

Skin Hack

Layer this serum with Power Collagen and Rejuvenating Mask for a powerful anti-ageing overnight treatment sensation.

If you ❤️ Future Skin then we recommend Exfoliating Cleanser and Smart Retinol

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