Power Collagen 1oz


Anti Ageing | Peptides | Smoothing | Collagen Booster | Skin Firming & Plumping


Why is it so good?

The is a beautiful serum on application.  Power Collagen peptide skincare feels light and comfortable on your skin and is absorbed fast. The combination of peptides and moisturisers just sink in and get to work by stimulating your own natural production of collagen by tricking the skin’s own systems. You cannot eat or apply collagen to skin, you just have to work with the way skin works itself and Power Collagen is the way to do it.

How does it work?

When collagen degrades in your skin, Peptides are naturally formed to send messages to produce more collagen. This ‘work’ slows down as we age and so we apply Power Collagen peptide skincare, which is applying collagen boosting peptides topically – that are going to send these messages to skin. Voila – collagen gets produced!

How to use?

Apply am and pm to clean skin. Allow to absorb then apply JL moisturiser. Can be layered with Future Skin Serum which would be a fab combo of Peptides and Growth Factors – a double whammy in skin anti ageing ingredients.

Skin Hack

Use Power Collagen over face and neck. Never forget to look after your neck. Think of Power Collagen as your daily anti ageing treatment.

If you ❤️ Power Collagen then we recommend Rejuvenating Mask and Miracle DNA

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