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Why is it so good?

Exfoliation on most skin types is keeping skin looking fresher, younger, clearer and brighter. This exfoliating skin scrub smells gorgeous as it contains honey which is soothing and antibacterial making this a good cleanser for those of us with acne and problematic skins. When you use this exfoliating skin scrub, all your serums and moisturisers will work even better.

How does it work?

Honey will soothe the skin and also kill off any unwanted bacteria and germs. Little pieces of bio-degradable amber resin granules gently polish the surface of the skin, causing dead skin cells to come off and prevent breakouts. Pores are gently polished clean too. Honey is also a humectant which allows the skin to hydrate whilst using this scrub. Therefore any of us with a tendency to dry skin need not worry about using this product.

How to use?

Guys can use this daily am and pm whilst us ladies with dry skin should only use this once a week in the evening. If you have normal to combination skin, then up it to twice a week. Oily, acne skins can up the scrub to three times a week. Best to use in the evening as skin is repairing, renewing and nourishing itself while you sleep and if you use this before your serums/moisturisers then you are allowing for better penetration of these skincare products.

Skin Hack

Why not use this on the back of your arms or upper thighs where you get those little bumps of dead skin cells – keratosis pilaris. If you ❤️ our Skin Scrub then we recommend Super Moisturiser and Eyelift Cream.

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