Smart Retinol 0.5% 1oz


Anti Ageing | Vitamin A | Retinol for Acne | Potent Antioxidant | Lightens | Acne Scarring | Vegan


Why is Smart Retinol Skincare so good?

A combo of powerful antioxidants which start work immediately to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and stimulate skin renewal so that dead skin cells are sloughed off much faster. This natural exfoliation keeps the dead skin cells from clogging pores thereby reducing acne. Moisturisers within Smart Retinol, keep skin supple and hydrated. Why ours is so good is that each retinol molecule is wrapped in a protective layer of lipids which means that the delivery system is time released and ensures maximum results!

How does it work?

Retinol converts to Vitamin A when absorbed and stimulates the skin renewal system to cause a quicker natural exfoliation. This means that the lines and wrinkles become softer and finer. Pigmentation is reduced and the skin looks fresher, brighter and younger. An acne skin will be less likely to block up which will result in a clearer, smoother skin. Acne scarring will be reduced and oil production will be normalised. Now with all the dead skin cells coming off, this can cause skin to become tight and dry. Not so with Smart Retinol skincare. Jojoba Seed Oil, Squalane and Safflower Seed Oil all help maintain skin’s hydration.

How to use?

Apply a pea sized amount to clean skin at bedtime. Limit use to twice a week, gradually increase frequency to every other night, then finally to every night/. Avoid lips, eyes, eyelids and corner of the eyes. Can be used on the outside perimeter of the orbital bone. If skin feels dry, let Smart Retinol absorb, then apply super moisturiser on top. If any sensitivity occurs, pull back on the frequency of use. Must be used in the evening only, then never, ever forget to apply a protective sunscreen spf 30 during the daytime.

Warning : If on photo sensitizing medication, Smart Retinol should not be used. If using topical acne treatment or topical steroids – do not use!

Skin Hack

Use on the lines on the décolleté area for a smoother, younger looking neck. However, use the same method as above.

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